We look for the universal access by developing innovative service delivery models

THE ACTIVITY OF ACCIONA.ORG, The Energy & Water Foundation, is the social action channel of the Spanish company ACCIONA in its commitment with those having no access to basic services. We work in two areas of activity related with the ACCIONA's lines of business: Energy and Water & Sanitation.

We lead and collaborate in initatives of providing access to clean electricity, safe cookstoves, drinking water and appropriate sanitation for very-low-income communities, by developing technologically and managerially innovative service delivery models, which are tailored to every setting of implementation and are based on:

  • Modern, clean and appropriate technologies.
  • Multi-stakeholder management that involves:
    • national, regional and local authorities,
    • other organizations of the civil society with the same objectives and, especially,
    • the users, who meet the service conditions, offer to represent their communities, or become local entrepreneurs by training and regularizing as professionals to offer services to other users.
  • Sustainability and affordability: 
    • by establishing subsidiary organizations in the operation areas to ensure the continuity of the service in the long term, and
    • with co-funding & subsidies for the investment and for the service delivery.

Our activity is aligned with the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development passed by United Nations in 2015, contributing to its achievement from the base of the pyramid.