(Un)likely Dialogue: Alianza Shire, from design to action

21/11/2019Madrid, Spain

Julio Eisman, representing acciona.org, presented the electrification off-grid solutions that the foundation is developing within the project Alianza Shire. Access to energy to refugees and host communities, in the (Un)likely Dialogue "Alianza Shire, from design to action" hosted by the Technical University of Madrid's Innovation and Technology for Development Centre (itdUPM).

He started by explaining the delivery model applied to this project: Luz en Casa, which is based on the provision of electricity service through solar home systems, a multi-stakeholder management involving the local population through its commitment to meet the payments and be in charge of the maintenance services, as well as an economic model looking for the sustainability and the affordability. Later, he presented the pre-identification activity developed up the time, with the support of maps where the potential areas of operation in the camps and the host communities were marked. He ended by explaining the major challenge in this project up to now: obtaining reliable data to allow an accurate identification of beneficiaries.

The following video includes the acciona.org presentation.




Following this outline the representatives of the entities in charge of the on-grid actions also explained their solutions, advances and challenges, after a general presentation of the project, its progress and the public-private partnership that carries it out, as well as the Ethiopian context. 



itdUPM held this event to present the progress of the project developed in partnership between the acciona.org Foundation, itdUPM, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), Iberdrola and Signify, with the collaboration of UNHCR and other implementing partners in the area of operation. It has the aim of brining on-grid and off-grid solutions of access to electricity that also offer training and entrepreneurial opportunities among the population in the refugee camps and their host communities in North Ethiopia.

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