Volunteer Day 2017: our volunteers collaborate “here and everywhere”

  • In the International Volunteer Day, we want to recognise the work of more than 160 people who have collaborated unselfishly with our projects in Peru, Mexico and Spain, and in a virtual way from everywhere in the world.

The volunteering promoted by the ACCIONA Microenergia Foundation encourages the participation of ACCIONA employees, as well as other people from collaborating organizations, in initiatives that have the aim of alleviating problems resulting from the lack of access to energy, water and sanitation basic services. In 2017, 13 volunteers have collaborated in the execution of our development cooperation projects.

Volunteers perform different ancillary tasks, depending on the needs of those projects at the moment. They collaborate on site with the ACCIONA Microenergia staff, as well as with local technicians and representatives of the attended communities, in identifying new users, training those users in meeting the service conditions and using & maintaining the systems provided, or in their installation, start up and inspection. Besides, in our headquarters, they develop other activities related to institutional, economic and procedural management that can be also performed in a virtual way, depending on the volunteer availability.

The work developed by the volunteers changes the life of very-low-income families. In many occasions, the users themselves can tell volunteers the improvements in education, health, productive uses such as weaving, woodwork, tailoring, etc., which are consequence of the access to the basic services provided by the Foundation’s projects.

ACCIONA Microenergia thanks every on-site and virtual volunteer for their time and disposition to support our work in and from everywhere. Because, as states the motto of the Volunteer Day 2017: “Volunteers Act First. Here. Everywhere”.