The increase in the impact of our activity


In 2019, provided energy, water & sanitation basic services to 55,800 people, living in poverty and extreme poverty conditions, in rural areas in Peru, Mexico and Panama.

The last year, besides the positive impact of our work in rural electrification, our first actions of access to drinking water and adequate sanitation in Oaxaca (Mexico) have also had a relevant impact, which increases our contribution to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


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This contribution is part of the ACCIONA’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Being the ACCIONA’s corporate foundation, we favour the achievement of the SDG by providing basic services and infrastructures -related to the ACCIONA’s lines of business- at the base of the pyramid: the access to adequate energy, water and sanitation improves the health, education, economy and environment of the most underserved communities, what is essential for their development.

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