We end another project within Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé

  • We presented the results of the “Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé 2019” project, which has bring access to the electricity basic service to more than 1,000 families.
  • In the online event "Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé: a rural electrification model for remote communities in Panama", representatives from acciona.org, AECID, OER, as well as the benefited communities, participated.

Since 2018, we offer access to the electricity basic service of Luz en Casa to households in the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous region. About 8,000 people have had access to this service in more than 1,400 households with the projects we have implemented in partnership with AECID –the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation–.

The closing event of the project that started in 2019 and that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic was held on October 13th, 2021 with “Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé: a rural electrification model for remote communities in Panama”. In this on-line event the results of the project were presented: more than 5,800 benefited people in more than 1,000 households in 30 communities in the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous region and setting up 3 Centros Luz en Casa to offer proximity services.

The event presenter was Alibeth de Gracia, general coordinator at acciona.org Panama, who also gave the speech about the project. The institutional speakers were Jose Gabriel Martin Fernandez, director at acciona.org Foundation, Jose Antonio Gonzalez Mancebo, general coordinator at the Cooperation Technical Bureau at AECID Panama, Leonardo Alessandría, general manager at the Panama Rural Electrification Bureau, and Nicolasa Jimenez, mayor at Müna district. In addition, some Luz en Casa users and entrepreneurs made their statements about the programme.

(Videos in Spanish)



Once this project has ended, Luz en Casa continues its extension in the Ngäbe-Buglé region. Today the first activities for a new phase of escalation are being carried out.

More information on Luz en Casa Ngäbe-Buglé at https://acciona.org/panama/luz-en-casa-ngabe-bugle/.