We develop our first project in Spain

  • We are going to install a solar photovoltaic station for collective self-consumption at San Juan del Puerto (Huelva) with our first project in Spain, which aims to contribute to fight against the energy poverty and to reduce the municipal carbon footprint.
  • The project was aproved in the plenary session of the council and the PV station is expected to start up during the first six months of 2022.

Our first project in Spain comprises a solar photovoltaic station with approximately 100kW of peak power to be installed on the roof of the municipal sports pavilion at San Juan del Puerto (Huelva).

We are going to deliver up to 50% of the electricity provided to contribute to reduce the electricity bills of about 50 families in energy poverty conditions. The rest of energy generated are going to supply municipal buildings.

The San Juan del Puerto Council are going to pay for the energy consumed during a maximal estimated period of 15 years, during which acciona.org guarantees the council savings in comparison with the conventional market prices. Once that period is over, the council will be the owner and the responsible of the PV station.

We are going to provide equipment, materials and the installation of the PV station, as well as the operation and maintenance during the mentioned period, ensuring the sustainability of the project.

In addition, the council and acciona.org, we collaborate in identifying the beneficiary families and holding informative and training sessions with them.