We continue growing in Mexico

  • In 2022, our initiatives reached, for the first time, rural communities in the Huasteca region in San Luis Potosi, as well as the capital of this Mexican state.
  • In addition, we continued our activity in rural communities in the state of Oaxaca to extending a reliable access to water, sanitation and cooking and improving the access-to-electricity delivery model.

Picture: Women benefited with the EncASa Oaxaca programme prepare the mixture of soil to build later their firewood-saving cookstoves according to their needs and the training received


In 2022, acciona.org Foundation continued its work of improving the quality of life of underserved population in Mexico, through an affordable, reliable, sustainable access to energy, water & sanitation basic services.

It implemented, for the first time, a project in the state of San Luis Potosi: a pilot project of Luz en Casa benefiting 50 households with access to electricity, through solar home systems, in isolated rural communities in the Huasteca region. The implementation of this project was co funded by the Service business of ACCIONA in Mexico.

In San Luis Potosi, the foundation also developed another project: the installation of a grid-interconnected solar photovoltaic station in the premises of the NGO Colonia Juvenil, in the city of San Luis Potosi. This PV station will generate great savings in the energy expenditure of this educational institution, which offers an integral education to more than 100 low-income, young people coming from rural communities in San Luis Potosi. The project was promoted by the partnership formed by acciona.org, the Service business of ACCIONA, San Luis Potosí BMW plant and BayWa r.e.

In addition, acciona.org continued its activity in the state of Oaxaca by bringing access to basic services in the most remote communities through EncASa Oaxaca. It ended a new phase of this programme, in collaboration with the Technical University of Madrid and with co funding from AECID ─the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation─, benefiting more than 200 households with drinking water, sanitation, cookstoves and electricity.

acciona.org developed for this latest service a new model of access to electricity, which strengthens that designed originally with Luz en Casa Oaxaca and which is similar technologically, management, and economically to those implemented in other countries, looking for ensuring the sustainability and the affordability to the most remote Oaxaca rural households. With this strengthened model, now it implements a new project of electrification that will benefit more than 300 households.

Finally, it partnered with Rotoplas, in the framework of EncASa Oaxaca, to implement a pilot project of use of the rainwater collection technology of this Mexican company to benefit 25 households.

All the mentioned above made by acciona.org in Mexico in 2022, when it has celebrated the tenth anniversary of its arrival to the country, results in about 36,000 people who have been already benefited with basic services that impact positively in their activity, health, economy, and environment and that, thus, favour their development.

+info: https://acciona.org/mexico/