We are developing our first project in the Philippines

  • It is our first project in Asia, after having provided energy, water and sanitation to more than 68,000 people in Latin America.
  • We are going to provide about 100 families living in the Palawan province with reliable, quality access to the electricity basic service.

We have started our activity in the Philippines with the "Light at Home El Nido" project, which consists of the installation of solar home systems in 100 households in the village of El Nido, in the province of Palawan.

These systems will provide more than eight hours of renewable electricity a day to families who until now had no expectations of connecting their homes to the national grid. Furthermore, this will also give them access to other essential services such as charging cell phones or laptops and using electronic devices.

The solar home systems will replace the unreliable means of access to the electricity that these households had until now: diesel generators, torches and oil lamps. This will improve their quality of life and avoid the harm to both their health and the environment from combustion smoke or batteries.

We have the Ayala Foundation as a partner in this project. Ayala Foundation has been promoting education, youth leadership and sustainable livelihoods in the Philippines since 1961.

We aim to contribute to the universalization of access to the electricity in the Philippines through "Light at Home El Nido". In the country there are estimates of 8.7 million Filipinos still lacking electricity, according to 2019 data from the Philippine Statistics Authority.

Besides bringing access to the electricity, we are studying the development of other initiatives in the Philippines focused on ensuring access to basic water services (as it is estimated that five million Filipinos lack drinking water) and water sanitation (which is inadequate for almost nine million of the country's citizens).